RISAB (Supplier Approval)

M01 - Running Gear M02 - Brakes & Pneumatics MO3 - T&RS Mechanical Equipment M04 - T&RS Electrical Equipment
MO5 - T&RS Electric Traction Equipment MO6 - T&RS Diesel Traction Equipment MO7 - T&RS Transmission MO8 -Trainborne Safety & Monitoring Equipment
M09 - Doors & Windscreen Equipment M10 – Interiors S01 – Procurement of Maintenance & Overhaul SO4 – Delivery of Vehicle/System Maintenance & Overhaul

RAL undertake a variety of activities associated with rail certification processes, as follows:

  • The Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme (RISAS) has been established to provide both suppliers and users of railway industry products and services with a standardised method of supplier approval which will be recognised and accepted throughout the industry (thereby eliminating duplication in individual auditing and assessment work).
  • Railway Approvals have established a documented supplier accreditation system which has been accredited by RSSB to operate as a Railway Industry Supplier Approval Body (RISAB). This accreditation has been undertaken in accordance with RSSB standard RISAS/004.
  • RISAB work is undertaken within the scope of Railway Approvals' RISAB accreditation (by Product Groups). Details of the accreditation scope is maintained by RSSB and advised to the industry via the RISAS IT application.
  • RISAB Supplier auditing, assessment and certification work is undertaken in accordance with the RSSB RISAS standard RISAS/003 and other relevant mandatory requirements.


Railway Approvals Accreditation - EPSF, RSSB, RISAB, UKAS