What we do

Category Body Area
Railway Interoperability Notified Body UK + Europe
Railway Interoperability Designated Body UK
Conformity of Engineering Change RIS-2700-RST UK
Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme RISAB UK
ISO/IEC17065  - Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services ISO/IEC17065 UK + Europe
EN ISO 17020 Inspection Body EN 17020 UK + Europe

Notified Body

Railway Approvals is Notified Body 1125 authorised to issue certificates against Directive 96/48 EC for High Speed Rail and Directive 2001/16 EC for Conventional Rail(and amended by 2004/60/RC and 2007/32/EC).

RISAB (Supplier Approval)

The Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme (RISAS) has been established to provide both suppliers and users of railway industry products and services with a standardised method of supplier approval.


Railway Approvals are assessed by UKAS to act as a Verification Body (VeBo) to verify Conformity of Engineering Change to Rail Vehicles.

Designated Body

Railway Approvals are appointed as a Designated Body (DeBo) to assess compliance to UK National Notified Technical Rules (NNTR) to cover open points, specific cases and compatibility requirements for the GB network in existing TSI.

Independent Verification and other Certification Services

Railway Approvals can offer independent validation services to invest confidence in information or products supplied to a third party.



Railway Approvals Accreditation - EPSF, RSSB, RISAB, UKAS