Railway Approvals Limited is a company dedicated to meeting all your certification requirements for rail vehicles. We use Engineers with comprehensive experience in both Passenger and Freight vehicles to ensure compliance with mandatory requirements; simply, efficiently to obtain the required certification.

In accordance with UK Railway Interoperability legislation, Railway Approvals Ltd is appointed as a UK Approved Body (ApBo), to carry out conformity assessment and certification of Interoperability Constituents and Sub-systems in support of NSTNs. We are also appointed as a Designated Body (DeBo) to assess compliance to UK National Technical Rules (NTR) to cover open points, specific cases and compatibility requirements for the GB network.

Railway Approvals are assessed by UKAS to act as a Verification Body (VeBo) to verify Conformity of Engineering Change to Rail Vehicles.


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UKAS Accreditation Symbol - white on pur
UKAS Accreditation Symbol - white on pur