The goal of Railway Approvals Ltd is to provide a 'best in the business' certification service to clients within the railway industry on a commercial basis.

The cornerstone of this policy is to ensure absolute independence and impartiality from any pressures or incentives (especially financial) when carrying out Conformance Certification, Verification of Conformity of Engineering Change, RISAB and ISO/IEC17065 activities. Railway Approvals certification services shall be available to all, irrespective of size, earning potential, etc and work shall be undertaken in a non-discriminatory manner.

Customers will be actively invited to assess the quality of service provided to them, in order to allow any deficiencies to be addressed and to provide feedback in support of the continual improvement process.

Our certification engineers will be supported in developing their skills, expertise and competency to ensure that we are able to match current and future customer requirements to the fullest extent.

We will monitor our performance internally, and will implement any corrective action formulated in the event of any deficiencies, actual or potential, being discovered.

This policy will be briefed and distributed for attention of all Railway Approvals certification engineers and periodically reviewed for continuing suitability.