Railway Approvals is proud to work with a diverse range of customers across the rail industry.

Since 2003 Railway Approvals has been providing certification services to passenger and freight operating companies, across a whole range of vehicle types including multiple units and locomotives.

Our “confidentiality assured” and “independent status” gives the guarantee that Railway Approvals will deliver solutions which competently meet engineering change requirements.

In recent years the scope and scale of our certification operation has significantly grown to encompass Europe, as well as projects in China, South Africa, Australia and the USA.

Railway Approvals’ approach is simple: to fully understand the requirements for certification (including business requirements) and to respond with timely cost effective certification solutions which meet clients’ needs.

Clients include; Operators, Rolling stock vehicle leasing companies (RoSCos), manufacturers and suppliers, heavy maintainers & refurbishers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) & Suppliers, and Industry Bodies.

Railway Approvals effectively meets the certification needs of these customer segments in the following ways:


Railway Approvals ~ recognised by RoSCos, and Operators alike in providing competent verification of vehicle engineering change in support of Operators’ SMS; effectively demonstrating that modifications meet required regulatory standards.

Rolling stock vehicle leasing companies

Railway Approvals provides verification of vehicle engineering change(s) required accepted by Operators & RoSCos throughout the rail industry.

Heavy maintainers, overhaulers & refurbishment companies

Railway Approvals, as a RISAB, has a wealth of experience to support clients gaining supplier accreditation recognised by UK Operators. We offer cost effective certification of maintenance, repairs, refurbishment and engineering change.

Manufacturers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) & suppliers

​Railway Approvals offers certification of new vehicles, replacement components, and interoperability components across a whole range of vehicle types. In Europe, and beyond, we have successfully managed many cross border projects relating to the design, modification, safety approvals and authorisation of locomotives and wagons. This increases the value of assets by introducing existing vehicle types into new markets.

Industry bodies

Railway Approvals provides expert advice across a range of vehicles, and related areas, to support and credibly interact with UK and European industry bodies.