Assessment Body (AsBo)

The European Commission Common Safety Method on Risk Evaluation (CSM-RA) and Assessment Regulation (402/2013 (as amended 2015/1136)), provides a legal obligation and mandatory framework for the evaluation and assessment of risk associated with significant engineering, operational and organisational changes to the EU mainline railway.

An Assessment Body is an independent party appointed to assess the safety risk process applied during a project – determining compliance with the CSM-RA regulations – with the final output being the production of a Safety Assessment Report.


Railway Approvals Limited holds the required UKAS accreditation against ISO EN 17020 (Type C) to provide Assessment Body (AsBo) services across Europe.


Railway Approvals Limited scope of accreditation covers independent inspection of the application of the risk management process in the following areas:

  • Rolling Stock (harmonised design targets)

  • Operational