The governance requirements of the Railway Approvals independent Supervisory Board require this online Customer feedback to monitor how we have provided certification services.

Your responses are confidential and will be used only to shape the continuous improvement programme at Railway Approvals.

Our Independent Supervisory Board meets at least annually, and if you would like come and discuss any aspect of our work, please do contact us for the date of the next Supervisory Board meeting.

If we have recently completed approvals work for you, or you are part way through a certification project, or if we have only responded with a tender/proposal, and you would like to provide us with feedback, would you please fill-out the form below? If you have more than one project on which to provide feedback; if possible, please fill-out a new online form for each separate project?

Customer Feedback Survey
1. How well did Railway Approvals proposal/tender meet your requirements? Please indicate on the scale below.
2. When thinking about the cost of this project, how did Railway Approvals cost compare to equivalent supplier(s) costs?
3. Thinking about milestones, deadlines and final deliverables (e.g. Documentation) for this project, how would you say Railway Approvals met these?
4. How would you rate Railway Approvals' communications with you/your organisation during this project?
How would you rate the professionalism of Railway Approvals staff which carried out this project?

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