Before entering into a contract with Railway Approvals Limited (RAL) for the provision of conformity assessment services, the customers authorised representative shall be provided with a  copy of Railway Approvals Limited Terms and Conditions (RAL-P-F030) which advises the customer of their rights and duties in respect of the related conformity assessment.

Such rights/duties include:

  • Co-operation as required to assist RA L in the conduct of the evaluation, including provision of documentation and access to equipment, records and personnel as appropriate.

  • Requirements, restrictions or limitations on the use of the RAL logo.

  • Not to use certification/inspection reports in such a manner as to bring RAL into disrepute or make a statement regarding conformance that could be misleading (e.g. in its own documents, brochures or advertising). Incorrect/misleading references to certification/reports could lead to withdrawal of certification/reports and, if warranted, legal action.

      NOTE: Where certification has been obtained on the basis of Quality System Assessment, all advertising, statements etc.                 should refer to system certification, NOT product conformity.

  • Keeping records of complaints and corresponding action relating to conformity assessment, to be made available upon request.

  • Advise RAL of any changes, such as modification to vehicles/equipment, which may affect the validity of the issued documentation.

  • Upon suspension/cancellation of any certification, discontinue its use of all advertising matter containing reference to certification and return any certification documents as required.

These rights/duties are incorporated into the RAL standard terms and Conditions of Supply Document.

Services offered by RAL may have specific duties to be notified/undertaken by customers. Such details shall be included in the relevant procedures for the provision of those services.