In 2004 Railway Approvals were appointed by the Department for Transport (DfT) as a Notified Body (No. 1125) against EC directives 96/48/EC* 'Interoperability of the trans-European High-speed rail system' and 2001/16/EC* 'Interoperability of the trans-European Conventional Rail System'. Since then RAL have continued to be recognised as a Notified Body against the revised Directive 2008/57 and its subsequent amendments. Arrangements are in place to continue to recognise RAL as a NoBo when the latest version of the Directive, 2016/797, is adopted by the UK in Autumn 2020. Railway Approvals are also recognised as a UK Designated Body.

Railway Approvals offers certification of new vehicles, replacement components, and interoperability components across a whole range of vehicle types. In Europe, and beyond, we have successfully managed many cross border projects relating to the design, modification, safety approvals and authorisation of locomotives, passenger vehicles and wagons.

This increases the value of assets by introducing existing vehicle types into new markets. Notified Body (NoBo) conformity assessment system is designed to ensure that any such certification work is carried out in accordance with The Railways (Interoperability) Regulations 2011, the supporting guidance documentation produced by the DfT, Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI’s) and Notified National Technical Rules (NNTR).


The DfT have set measures in place to enable Railway Approvals to continue to issue equivalent certification to a NoBo for vehicles in the UK in the event that the agreement between the UK and the EU following Brexit affects mutual recognition of Notified Bodies.

We can undertake NoBo assessment and certification work within the scope of our appointment as follows:


  • Rolling Stock (Sub-systems & Constituents)

  • Locomotives and Passenger vehicle TSI,

  • Freight Wagon TSI

  • Noise TSI

  • Associated NNTR’s and UK National Processes 




  • On Board CCS (Sub-Systems only)

  • Associated NNTR's and UK National Processes

TRANSVERSE TSIs (Applicable to Rolling Stock)

  • Safety in Railway Tunnels (Sub-systems)

  • Passengers with Reduced Mobility (Sub-systems & Constituents)

  • Associated NNTRs and UK National Processes in the above Transverse areas



Railway Approvals can undertake certification of constituents and subsystems indicated above while making provision for the defined interfaces with other TSI, such as train-borne Co-Co-Sig and Energy Constituents.

NoBo Certification work is undertaken in accordance with ISO/IEC17065 (requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services) in order to work to the corresponding assessment modules in the TSI's.

This is summarised below:

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