RIS-2700-RST (VeBo)

Railway Approvals Limited (RAL) are accredited by UKAS as an ISO 17065 Product Approval Body. The scope of accreditation specifically covers RIS-2700-RST, verification body (VeBo) activities on T&RS as well as an Approved Body (ApBo) and Designated Body (DeBo) activities. We are registered as inspection body 6165.

This accreditation provides the greatest assurance of the capability of an independent third party verification body for the assessment of conformity of engineering change on T&RS and also provides a degree of assurance over confidentiality.

RAL have a core of competence engineers to cover aspects of RIS-2700-RST verification of engineering change to cover the fields of: -

* Design conformance

* Maintenance conformance

* Construction conformance

 As well as reduced conformance in the form of:-

* Minor modification

* Minor repairs

* Direct replacement components


To support the relevant aspect of verification work to design, installation and maintenance of an engineering change. RAL endorse conformance to the applicable requirements, by providing an 'Attestation Statement', in the form of a certificate, signed-off by the RAL assessor and countersigned by a senior engineer, not otherwise involvement in the assessment work.

This process provides the proposer with the assurance and accountability that the verification of the engineering change has been undertaken by an accredited independent third party verification body.